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Adaş Trakya, which has been operating in licensed products for many years, serves in the production of licensed products to many leading brands in Europe. We know the importance of printing techniques and quality in licensed products and for this purpose we established the Adaş Design piece printing facility and became one of the leading companies in Turkey in this regard. The processes of developing products in line with the demands of our customers are carried out in our Adaş Trakya Edirne factory with the desired standards together with our competent and experienced team and exported to all over the world.

Licensed Products

We produce licensed clothing products in our own production facilities with the latest technological equipment.


We know the importance of printing techniques and quality in licensed products.

Strong Supply

We realize it with our management abilities, our supply management system, our production power, our investments in human resources.

Production Capability

We derive our strength from a corporate culture that constantly seeks innovations to make our job better, constantly improves itself, believes in the value of “human” and invests.


We understand the goals and expectations of global brands. We believe that we are always an accessible business partner for our customers with our fast production and strong supply chain structure.


As a company, our speed in fashion design, innovation and production processes and our innovative perspective are at the core of our work.

Adaş Trakya - İstanbul & Edirne

Contact Us
+90 212 474 90 20
Hacıgazi, Edirne Havsa Yolu No:189, 22500 Havsa/Edirne - Turkey
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