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We consider our Sustainability Strategy as a whole and focus on the following points with the same sensitivity.

Interaction with customers

We are aware that we exist with the confidence of our customers and suppliers. That’s why we share a solid business ethic and the responsibility of protecting our customers’ brands. Because we are aware that reputation is the most valuable asset of a company. We do our job carefully in a way that will increase the reputation of our customers and we know well that this approach will also increase our reputation.

In cooperation with the authorized specialists of our customers, we approve the determined orders, produce and deliver the products with our supply chain solutions, quickly and in accordance with the expectations.

In this way, we aim to be an expert and reliable production partner for our customers in terms of sustainability. 

Our Suppliers

As Adaş, we believe that we are like the threads that make up the texture of the fabric, which is the basic material of our business. When combined as components of the same care and quality, we become part of a valuable whole.

Our Planet

We act with the awareness that we borrow our planet from our children and future generations.

Our Employees and Our Perspective on People

We constantly improve ourselves as a good employer brand by ensuring that all our employees are healthy and safe.

Our Neighbors

As Adaş Group, we are aware of our responsibility towards the society we are in.

Our Quality Culture:

Being a company that serves global brands requires understanding, internalizing and maintaining the quality culture of others without compromise.

Interaction with Customers

We are aware that we will exist with the confidence of our customers and suppliers.

Our Power

We derive our strength from a corporate culture that constantly seeks innovations to make our job better, constantly improves itself, believes in the value of “human” and invests.

Being a Manufacturer

We understand the goals and expectations of global brands well, and we believe that we are a fully accessible business partner for them with our fast production and supply chain structure.

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