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Adaş group companies have been serving in knitwear groups, to overseas customers thereof for more than 30 years. Each of our group companies operates in their production facilities with their own management team specialized in their fields.

As a company, our speed and innovative perspective in our fashion design, innovation and production processes is at the core of our work.

Adaş Group companies design, develop and manufacture children’s, women’s and men’s products in fast fashion, casual, sportswear and licensed product groups by responding to the expectations of the customers in the best way.

As Adaş Anadolu, Adaş Design, Adaş Trakya and Adaş Giyim, we aim to be the leading supplier of ready-to-wear brands in Europe by carrying our claim in all dimensions of apparel production into the future.

We will be achieving this through our management capabilities, our supply management system, our production power, our speed and correct pricing strategies, and most importantly, our investments in human resources.

With over thirty years of experience and knowledge, we would like to say that we will be happy to share our strong competencies to support and develop our customers’ dreams.


Our strategy focuses on fashion design, speed, innovation and digitalization in R&D and production at the heart of our work.

Adaş group companies design, develop and manufacture men’s – women’s and children’s products, including fast-fashion, formal, casual, sportswear and licensed products for world brands. Each of our group companies within the Adaş Group serves world brands with its own management and production organizations specialized in specific product groups.

Our Achievements

Adaş Group knows that quality is an indispensable necessity in order to produce world brands and provide perfect service and works for this excellence.

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