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Sportswear production is a field that requires experience and knowledge. These difficulties arise from both the fabric used and special sewing techniques. Our group includes Adaş Anadolu as a company focused on the production of a specific product group in this field. This company of ours has been successfully serving sportswear departments of many brands in its facilities established in Istanbul and Kastamonu with high standards for sportswear product groups for more than 20 years. In line with our vision, Adaş Anadolu aims to become one of the leading manufacturers in the world sportswear league, by further strengthening its competitiveness and sustainability in this field operated with continuous investments.


We aim to be one of the leading manufacturers in the world sportswear league in parallel with our vision.


Over 20 years of experience in high standards of sportswear product groups.

High Standarts

We design, develop and manufacture children’s, ladies’ and men’s products in high standard sportswear groups.

Quality & Control

After the rapid development of designs and samples in line with high standards, we carry out their production without compromising our total quality philosophy.

Laboratory & Test

Turkey’s makes the best sports clothing production, innovative and trendy products we carry all our labs & testing processes.


We operate in order to ensure that our competitiveness is sustainable and to serve our customers better.

Adaş Anadolu - İstanbul & Kastamonu

Contact Us
+90 212 474 90 20
İstanbul: Güneşli 15 Temmuz Mahallesi, Gülbahar Caddesi 1502 Sokak. No: 8-10, 34212 Bağcılar/İstanbul - TURKEY
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