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Ours is a story written by people seeking the best in the clothing industry, without diminishing their passion and enthusiasm for their work. 

We are a group of companies consisting of five companies that started business life in Yeşildirek, the school of Turkish textile in 1993, and has grown without losing respect to customers and professionalism thereof.


Adaş Group is a company that reads change well and adapts innovations in its sector to its business quickly, and becomes younger and more agile as the years progress.

We are dedicated professionals who know well that repetitive success and sustainable business quality are not a coincidence.

We derive our strength from a corporate culture that constantly seeks innovations to do the job better, constantly improves itself and believes and invests in the “Human” value.

We understand customer expectations well, maintain the care and respect we show to our business, and meet the demands of our customers in a timely manner with the collective capabilities of a harmonious and good team.

We offer our customers a whole service with our production capabilities, product and service quality, design, printing and other support units.

We understand the goals and expectations of global brands very well. We believe that we are always an accessible business partner for our customers with our fast production and strong supply chain structure.

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